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Reconciled By Karel Canegem-Ardijns (Paperback)

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We are living in a time of incredible prosperity. Civilisation has never had as much access to knowledge as now, mainly thanks to the internet. If you have access to this medium, the possibilities are endless. Up until recent times, Ordinary men and women, were kept in ignorance. Only an elitist, who considered himself an intelligent human being, had access to knowledge. These elite consisted of royalty, the church, and later on, the bourgeoisie. We have finally broken through this iron curtain and we can call ourselves the most intelligent generation of all times, or can we? You would think that people would be happy to take advantage of this endless source of knowledge. A source which can be discovered on the internet. Take a search engine like Google for example. You fill in a request and an endless list of possible links appear right in front of you. I agree, some of it might not be relevant or might even be wrong, but that is another area in which our knowledge should be used to keep improving it. In certain countries the internet still has to make its impact felt due to general poverty and a reluctant government. But look at what happened in the Arab world. The revolution against all those oppressive regimes started on the internet. This medium is our most powerful tool of knowledge. We should treasure it and make sure everyone has access to it.


Yet, it looks like some of us are choosing to remain ignorant. Instead of actively searching for information, they are choosing to become the hopeless people of the night, losing themselves in a world of parties, under the illusion that they are all royal rulers. It's bread and games that are destroying us again, just like they destroyed the Romans. We would rather read about the latest escapades of a celebrity, we would rather focus on the achievements and failures of others. Updating our Facebook and Twitter pages takes up most of our time on the internet. In the end we view all the global problems from a distance. We ask ourselves: what on earth can we do about it? Nothing! Right? Let me be clear. This book has been written to oppose today's establishment. We all have the knowledge necessary to effect change, but exploiting our fellow human beings and seeking profits are still taking priority over saving the world, and with it, saving mankind. In the media, political leaders, organisations and others are discussing a wide variety of topics, some of which are important. Yet, all they do is talk. They seldom or never take action. They would rather put together a committee to discuss a social problem, which is where it stays for years and years. They only make progress after someone dies. Why? No one has the nerve to make a decision. Our political leaders completely lack the courage to cut the knot and take action. Our current political system has taught them to keep watching their backs instead of looking forward. They spend more time fending off others who are stabbing them in the back so that they can maintain their (political) lifestyle, than taking the risk that is necessary to bring about a brilliant change. They prefer to play political games and look important.

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